Our Core Values

Eminent Standards

15 years experience respond to your specific need.

Coalescing Strategies

Embracing trends and technology to drive success.

Extending Investment Potential

Expertise in international markets gives justice to all.

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Sharing knowledge is a fundamental development value.


Unique Retreats: Luxury Rental Marketing


Who we are

Unique Retreats is an independent marketing label specialised in the sales & marketingunique-retreats-1000 representation of luxury rental properties.

With over a decade of field experience in management and holiday rentals, we focus our skills and development in the representation and distribution of unique villas and apartments under the care of individual owners and property managers who seek resources and market intelligence to optimise the distribution and revenue potential of their portfolio.

Covering our reach to several destinations, we bring acute knowledge and understanding of geographic particularities, in addition to our acquired market knowledge and sales skills.

We promote market awareness with a combination of our marketing excellence supported by the quality and uniqueness of the properties and the service provided to each guests.

Together with our clients, we have achieved great success in the specific branding and distribution of their properties throughout their own branded website, our portfolio and an expansive network of booking agents.

Some of the benefits in being part of Unique Retreats

  • International and online recognition as an individual property
  • Develop privileged relationship with relevant booking partners
  • Take advantage of the synergy effects from Unique Retreats brand association
  • While part of a portfolio, each villa brand is specifically promoted for greater individual success
  • Dedicated team diligently managing all listings and the accurate representation

Our approach

  • Create a prominent branding with logo, images, website, social media accounts, 
  • Develop a set of marketing collateral which will be used across by all booking partners
  • Use Klik, our rental management system and channel manager to realise and measure the distribution and management of all major OTAs
  • Ensure the property is accurately listed with a network of booking partner and that strict price parity is maintained  between the booking agents, affiliate or the owner’s website
  • Regular villa-specific trade release for each property via email to the network of booking agents; as well as generic trade release for the entire Portfolio on major updates (rates, images, new property…
  • Constant research for new possible booking partners
  • Development of market awareness via Unique Retreats’ branding association