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Klik: Rental Management System


Optimize Your Operations

Thus far, your efforts at attracting visitors and converting them into guests have most klik-villaslikely been spent developing and launching an effective marketing and reservation strategy. Now comes one of the most essential and sustainable components of effectively administering your property: a rental management system and channel manager. Although sometimes perplexing, without doubt, this is an essential piece of armoury for succeeding in this highly fluid marketplace

Operational Backbone

Implementing a well-organised management system and channel manager which will serve your needs comfortably, quickly and professionally, is an indispensable facet for the financial stability of your property and company. As a property professional, inexperienced and seasoned alike, deciding on implementing an effective management system is often a major stumbling block. One must decide on the effective and comprehensive system to foster long-term growth and prosperity. Whether you manage one villa or multiple properties, the scalability of the system with which you manage your rental activity is paramount in determining the viability of your business development. It is the backbone by which a property’s administrative, logistical and commercial operations are orchestrated.

Intuitive Management

Web Perspective has developed Klik, the first Asia-based comprehensive rental management system with an integrated channel manager that allows individual owners and property managers to utilise new technologies and best-practices to optimally maximise revenue and control all levels of the property management spectrum.

Our comprehensive and integrated system offers a dynamic, scalable and user-friendly management tools which was purposely developed with the weight of our industry knowledge and experience behind it. This first-hand knowledge has allowed us a full perspective of this business field and has permitted us to create the system as an ideal and intuitive solution to optimize your operations.

Task Simplification

Being cognizant of the many pitfalls which cause both newcomers and seasoned owners and managers to flounder, we developed a fully integrated cloud-based platform. Our system simplifies necessary tasks and allows for a more efficient and accurate means of handling reservations, accounting, housekeeping, maintenance, marketing and other critical business facets. With your services fully optimised and our team behind you, expansion of your market reach into dedicated online rental portals is made easier at the push of a button.

We see the Web Perspective system as a truly indispensable tool for allowing you to take control and set your mind at ease with regards to the management of your property inventory. This is one of the vital component for reaching an international audience and driving occupancy, while simultaneously satisfying your clients and own internal needs. Contact us today for more information about our rental management system and discover how it can not only benefit, but revolutionise tomorrow’s business!