When it comes to advertising your vacation rental, the common adage, a picture says a thousand words, holds true. In fact, photos are the most important advertising tool for selling your vacation rental. While searching for holiday homes, potential guests rely on photos, more than descriptions, to decide if a particular property fits their needs.

You may not be a professional photographer, but you can ensure that the USP’s of your holiday home are aptly highlighted. For this, first it is important to fit into the shoes of your potential guests and then understand what they would look for in a holiday home. Also keep in mind that when it comes to the web, the attention span of the visitors is very limited and so if you don’t capture their interest within the first 30 seconds, they will, in all probability, move on to your competitor’s website. So when it comes to photos, it is important that you get them right.

According to Flipkey, 83% visitors are more likely to make an enquiry of your property if you list more than 20 photos. If your property listing site does not allow these many number of photos, it is recommended that you create your own website where you can add any number of photos you want.


Baan Dalah – Koh Samui

Another point to note is that it is not a hotel but a home you are advertising and so the photos should showcase a more relaxed and leisurely environ where people can lounge around, cook, or spend time socializing and entertaining. It is these homely comforts that should be focused upon. Here are some guidelines to ensure that your photos highlight your vacation rental in the right perspective.


Inasia – Koh Samui

Good photography is all about getting the lighting right and ensure that the photo is an appealing one. Good lighting will make your room seem warm and inviting and will immediately register an emotional connect with the potential guests.

Ensure that your blinds are open even if the light outside is very bright. Closed blinds make the room seem small and uninviting.


Inasia – Koh Samui

If it gets too bright during the day, a better option is to take the photos during dawn or dusk when the light is gentle and soft.

Try to take one picture with and without the flash and then see which one looks better with the natural light in the room. Keep the TV and computer monitor switched off because they don’t photograph well.


Villa Belle – Koh Samui

Privacy and space are two things what people look for when renting a holiday home. Do your best to ensure that the entire room fits within the frame. Also, try moving the furniture a bit if it is required, to ensure that everything fits within the frame.

It is better to take a photo from a horizontal shot than a vertical one as these shots show more of the room and also appear better on the websites.

Apart from the lighting, there are some tips to showcase your vacation rental to best advantage:


Baan Kilee – Koh Samui

Make sure your home is spic and span and there is no clutter, people or mirror/window flash reflections to deviate attention.

You can also add fresh flowers to enliven up the room.

Clear all knick knacks in the area. They may look charming but when it comes to a photograph, these items give the room a cluttered look.


Villa Chai at T-House – Bali

If you are photographing the dining table, it would be a good idea to add some dishware and mats. This would help the travellers imagine themselves enjoying an intimate meal.


Villa Belle – Koh Samui

Add cushions and pillows to the sofas and beds to make them seem more inviting.

Provide photos of each room complete with interior, exterior and the view on offer. Guests will pay more not just for the amenities but also a fabulous view.


Inasia – Koh Samui

Photos of living room and kitchen are important because this is the bonus they get when choosing a vacation rental over a hotel.

All of the above photographs have been provided by Lesley Fisher, a sought-after architectural photographer and interior styling expert based in Thailand. If you would be interested in showcasing your property with great photography please don’t hesitate to contact Lesley. For more information and more stunning examples of her photography, please visit Lesley Fisher Photography.