Vacation rentals are fast emerging as the accommodation of choice for the discerning visitors who want that extra bit in their holiday in terms of space, privacy, comfort and exclusivity. While private pools, Jacuzzi and fully-fitted brand kitchens are great, what you need to add is that extra touch that will make your vacation rental a true home. In fact, this is one major reason why people choose a rental over a hotel – they wish to enjoy all the comforts and facilities that only a home can provide.

There are plenty of low-cost accessories that you can add to ensure greater booking and repeat visits. Whether you wish to renovate your kitchen or install an entertainment system for socializing and relaxing indoors, you can invest in upgrades that would make the stay of all the more memorable.

Here are some amenities that you can add to your vacation rentals and show that you are willing to go the extra mile for your guests.


If your vacation rental is located near the beach, you may like to keep a bucket and shovel which the kids can use while building sand castles.



Most travellers usually forget to pack them and so it is a good idea to offer an umbrella when they wish to go out on a rainy day. A simple gesture like this will go a long way to show them that you care.  For their comfort, you could also keep the umbrellas within easy reach by the door.

Bath robes:

Bath robes are not expensive but they are sure to make your guests feel that they are living in luxury.



Blankets will give your guests an excuse to cuddle up with their family and friends and spend some cosy time watching TV or just sharing moments. Just add a few blankets in the living area and in the bedrooms – the guests will appreciate the warmth of your gesture.


Basic toiletries:

There are some very basic things that vacationers forget to pack or just take for granted that the vacation rental would provide. A few items like a mini soap, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste/toothpaste etc., will add to the comfort of your guests.


Laundry detergent & dishwasher fluid:

If you are advertising that your rental comes with a fully fitted kitchen, providing detergent and dishwater fluid would be greatly appreciated by the guests especially when you consider they are not going to bring these items with them and going out shopping the moment they land may not be something they would look forward to.

Pack-n-Play and high chair:

These are amenities for the kids and are sure to make your rental more family-friendly.