Today, holidays are not just about discovering new places but also about bonding with families. As the modern lifestyle gets more complex, people are finding less and less time to spend quality time with their loved ones. So holidays are now as much about strengthening bonds as they are about exploring new places. Vacation rentals cater to people looking for more space and better value in terms of experience, personalized services and money. As a vacation rental owner you have a tremendous opportunity to attract a huge and growing group of travellers but with so many players in the market how to set your rental apart?

If it is a family rental that you are advertising, here are a few guidelines you can consider to ensure a constant flow of visitors.

Provide crib or pack-n-play:

With families traveling with little ones in tow, a good, healthy and sound sleep is what everyone would look forward to. Research has shown that people interested in family catering vacation rentals look at the sleeping arrangements on offer for their kids – whether it is a portable pack-n-play or the more traditional crib. Providing this amenity and thereby ensuring that the parents don’t have to come with their own arrangements, is a sure way of winning some brownie points with them. To take this concept to a higher notch, you can also throw in high-chair, sippy cups, and children’s utensils, and linens etc.


Offer entertainment options:

It has been observed that people who opt for vacation rentals also have spending time together indoors on their agenda. Otherwise also, people need some time at the end of the day to decompress, especially after a hectic day of sightseeing or fun-filled activity.  What better option than to unwind listening to your favourite music, catching a film on DVD, or reading a book? Offering a collection of CDs, DVDs and books will ensure both adults and kids are entertained indoors.


Include family-friendly supplies in the kitchen:

One reason why families love vacation rentals is that it allows them to actually ‘live’ a destination rather than gaining an onlooker’s perspective. In this respect, a fully fitted kitchen will be appreciated where they can stay like locals and also cook their own food. Adding things like plastic baggies for to-go snacks, or tupperware for leftovers will put a smile to their faces. It is small gestures like this that are really appreciated and ensure repeat visits from satisfied guests.


Kid-proof your pool:

Private pools are much sought after by the vacationers and so if you have a private pool, it would be great to offer safety features such as a  children’s pool gate. Families traveling with kids will appreciate the opportunity to block off the pool and avoid accidents.


Recommend family-friendly activities nearby:

If you have a guest welcome book or are advertising through brochures and newsletters, make sure to let the potential guests know of facilities and activities for children around your area. For example, if you have a beachfront villa, you may wish to recommend kid-friendly beaches or easy-to-follow hikes.


Whatever additions you are offering, make sure to advertise them on your website and in all your marketing material. This could take up some time and money but it is bound to ensure benefits in the long-term.