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Eminent Standards

15 years experience respond to your specific need.

Coalescing Strategies

Embracing trends and technology to drives success.

Extending Investment Potential

Expertise in international markets gives justice to all.

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Sharing knowledge is a fundamental development value.


About Us

Eminent Standards

Marc Ribail

Marc Ribail – Managing Director

Across the globe we specialize in the rapidly growing property management and rental industry by offering specialised consultancy support and services, so as to maximize the investment potential of your property.

The professionalism we provide is shaped by fifteen years of first-hand experience, an extended understanding of the international market and bespoke clients services.

Coalescing Strategies

Marketing challenges continue to grow and dynamic industry changes are reflected in the growing number of competitive rentals now available. From websites dedicated to a single destination to large traditional hotel booking giants, online booking nowadays encompasses enormous variety and options. We see clearly that demand for rentals has moved in sync with supply and the correlation between properties that deliver a satisfying uniqueness, and their on-going popularity. Whether marketed as ‘comfortably affordable’ or as a luxury mansion, guest demands must always be met to further the property’s market desirability.

Our experience in high-end villas has given us invaluable hospitality knowledge about the handling of operations and management. We believe that management reliability is indispensable for driving rentals, by using our proven private villa rental techniques we can boost enquiries and subsequently conversions for your property.

Comprehensive Potential

Since establishing the largest portfolio in Thailand, we are now recognized as the one of the country’s premier online villa reservation company and we set innovative standards which competitors adopt in hope of emulating our success. Due diligence and constant attention to detail is our mantra as we strive to further the potential of all our property listings. We work hand-in-hand with a network of trusted agents and the professional community, ensuring that your listing reaches a global audience. When working with us, a dedicated marketing team will take care of all your needs, from artistic property photography to write-ups highlighting your unique selling points (USPs) and the distribution of your property to our established network. We also advise meticulously on setting rental rates, running special promotions, setting contract terms and conditions, website design and operating policies.

Share Proposal

Our professional staff are always on-hand to analyse current market trends, offer marketing consultancy for international markets and provide operational set-up and support for optimised rental promotion. Recently we launched Klik, Asia’s first management system with integrated channel manager; this system provides the ideal comprehensive support and operational backbone for all property managers, estate managers, property wholesalers and owners. We foresee energetic growth in the international property market in the coming years and are determined to contribute by sharing our knowledge of core values and best practices.